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Some Queries about

Thank you! I understand the Science behind it… but my biggest fear is actually being too skinny and/or excess skin! I’m 50 yr old 98kg type 2 diabetic… at my heaviest I was 129kg… although I got down to 82kg 18 months to 2 yrs ago… I still had a lot of excess skin and subcutaneous fat… so have gradually gained weight again to ‘feel’ better… but I know it’s not healthy..

Kerri Simmone
From the United States

Keto ultra diet 

Is it safe to take while on type 2 diabetes meds? Including high blood pressure and anti-depressants?

– Yes, you can use keto ultra diet, if you are on regular medicine too, but take an appropriate gap at least 10 minutes of the gap if there is your medicine before your meal too.
Take our pills before the meal. if you have your diabetes medicine before the meal you must keep a 10 min gap between medicine and our pills.

Does it reduce the excess skin of an obese person as well?

For this you need to little exercise and drink plenty of water, this may help faster and our pills work faster.

Do I need to quit smoking and /or drinking alcohol?

If you can quit smoking
Talking note about drinking alcohol if you regularly drink don’t use our pills.
if you drink some time its fine. if you drink at night time don’t take pills on that day.

Is there somewhere I can see timelines of results rather than just before and after pics?

How many pills per day?

No, for now, Sure we will send, you love to see your results pics in this messenger soon cause you going to use our pills.
2 pills per day 10 min before your meal.

What is the cost per month?


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We are offering a free trial bottle for every new customer, if you select plan 1 and go on the step you will see that you are gonna pay for only shipping charge. that cost only 4.95$ and if you love to buy plan 2 and plan 3 you can see on our site the rate is displayed over there.
1 bottle of keto ultra contains 60 capsules it works for a month.

Do I need to take it forever?

If you think that I m thin and lin you don’t need to use. if you love our product and think that it worked for you-you no need to take again.
If you get more fat after you stop our pills and take more heavy food at that time you need to buy again.

What diet and exercise are recommended for the best healthy long term results?

You don’t prefer a certain diet, we are on the market cause there are no certain rules for diet,
So with consumer behavior, we have made our pills.
For best and term result- 1st take our pills and be slimmer faster.

  • Follow all mentioned above precaution.
  • Then daily sleep only 6-7 hour
  • 20-30 min meditation+little exercise
  • Drink More water
  • Don’t take more oily and heavy food just be far from them.

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